If I was going to buy a new Tekna I would probably go with the Copper or the Quick Clean but the Prolite … Packaged as a solution with multiple components allowing the painter to adapt to changing environments. He said the LPH400 will give you more of a factory finish of a new car while the W400LV will give you that mirror shine of a show car. Can replace Sata spray gun Filter, Iwata spray gun Filter, Tekna/Devilbiss spray gun filter, Ani spray gun filter, and other air spray gun kit. If great precision and high efficiency are what you look at in a spray gun, then Iwata LPH 400 is what you need to have! The other gun on my list was the Iwata LPH400. I am looking for something superior, not worried about the money. 3M™ PPS™ Series 2.0 Adapter provides four points of connection from lid-to-gun and converts typical spray guns into ones that work with the 3M™ PPS™ Series 2.0 Spray Cup System. Of course now I'm turned around!:? Best 5 Iwata Spray Guns Anest Iwata LPH 400 Spray Gun. 1.2, 1.3, and 1.4 (ill most likely only use the 1.4) the devilbiss plus (from what i hear) can lay down clear like the sata 2000s, but they arent hvlp. Best fit on any Spray gun with Gravity feed. the devilbiss plus comes with 3 tips . Spray Gun Model In Focus: Tekna Prolite (The Tekna 703566 Spray Gun) Credits: HiClipart. Talking about which, Iwata LPH400 is a great spray gun and is widely used for basecoat spray. Part No. Also Devilbiss has garnered a lot of good threads. Unlike the Teknika Pro-lite, that retails roughly for the same price, the Iwata 400 will not give the annoying loud noise while in use. Specifically designed adapters allow painters to use PPS™ with virtually any spray gun model. DeVilbiss TEKNA ProLite 15 16046 DeVilbiss TEKNA QuickClean 15 16046 DeVilbiss TEKNA Copper 15 16046 DeVilbiss TGHV530 18 16054 DeVilbiss EXL 520S 18 16054 ... Iwata LPH400 LVB 2 16003 Spray Gun Mfg. Last generation Iwata and Tekna (LPH400, Pro Lite) vs new (DV1, supernova) Close. 802204 / DPC-11 Adapter (SATA NR95, Iwata LPH-400 & W400LV, Astro GF14, 17 & 20S, Finex FX 200 & FX 300) Parts are readily available. DeVilbiss recommends their Tekna ProLite with TE10 cap. It’s obvious you really like the Tekna ProLite. Model PPS Adpt. The Devilbiss SRI Pro Lite is the ultimate high precision spray gun providing superb feathering control combined with the pattern range and versatility needed for top quality finishing including spot repairs, shading and stencilling, whilst providing excellent comfort stability balance and delicacy of control. im looking to get a nice finish gun.. which is an all around better deal? Sata recommends their Sata Jet 5000B. Iwata LPH400 LVX 2 16003 Iwata Supernova LS-400 43 16139 Anest Iwata recommends their WS400. I wish you could demo guns before purchasing. But just want a really good gun. Stable and large fan pattern – when you opt for the 1.4 tip, it will give you more coverage and will get the job done quicker. We use all of the Tekna guns and find them to work quite well. This spray gun filters easy to use and clean. Excellent for solvent-based coatings and a must for waterborne. Description: (from amazon) Three air caps developed using advanced fluid dynamics technology for excellent atomization. Last generation Iwata and Tekna (LPH400, Pro Lite) vs new (DV1, supernova) I’ve been using my pro lite and LPH400 for a few years but have been interested in hearing what people think about these vs the newer generation of spray guns. Posted by 2 days ago. Pack of 10 gravity feed spray gun filters. 2. To use this adapter, remove the existing spray gun cup. He claimed the LPH400 is a nice clear gun too but said you can lay down a much better wet coat with the W400LV. The LPH400LVB for Base and the W400LV for clear.

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