ROANOKE, Va. – It was a weather event that changed the way many of us view weather in this area - the derecho of 2012. This was an “aftershock” of the derecho that hit two days before. Jun 30, 2016; 3 min to read. As we reflect on our experiences from that time, it reminds all of us … Latest Headlines. File photo by Dustin Franz ... 2012 … The derecho weakened considerably when the July 2011 Iowa-Illinois-Michigan-Ohio derecho sucked the instability and moisture from the storm over Lake Michigan. The massive storms may even spawn an unusual weather event called a derecho, which is a massive storm of strong straight-line winds spanning at least 240 miles. The derecho traveled more than 400 miles and produced winds up to 95 mph, hail up to hen egg size, and nine tornadoes in North Dakota and Western Minnesota. The storm of June 29, 2012… Crews on East State Street cleaned up trees uprooted or blown down during a storm on the night of July 1, 2012. But if they do, the chance exists for explosive development of intense winds. 06/29/2012 09:11 pm ET Updated Jun 30, 2012 Virginia, D.C., Maryland Derecho 2012: Aggressive Storm Knocks Out Power To More Than 1 Million (UPDATED) PHOTO GALLERY -- "A derecho (pronounced similar to "deh-REY-cho" in English... ) is a widespread, long-lived wind storm that is associated with a band of rapidly moving showers or thunderstorms. The June 2012 North American derecho took out electrical power to more than 3.7 million customers starting in the Midwestern United States, across the central Appalachians, into the Mid-Atlantic States during a heat wave. Editor's note: This story was originally published March 26, 2016. Dayton, Ohio — Eight years ago today, a massive wind storm, known as a derecho, hit the Miami Valley and Southwest Ohio. A storm is classified as a derecho if it travels at least 240 miles (the 2012 derecho traveled 700 miles). On a day not unlike Friday with extreme levels of heat and humidity, a powerful line of thunderstorms called a derecho slammed the D. C. Metro back on June 29, 2012. A derecho is a widespread windstorm … Overnight June 29, 2012, into the early morning hours of Saturday, June 30, Fairfax County and the National Capital Region learned first-hand what a derecho storm could do to our community.. Not only did the storm cause havoc when it hit, but many suffered through extreme heat without electricity for several days. A derecho will also produce nearly continuous or … For the western derecho on June 6, 2020, outlooks showed an enhanced potential for severe storms in Nebraska and the Dakotas two to three days in advance. The derecho that struck Chicago, Illinois on 11 July 2011 left more than 860,000 people without electricity. What the 2012 derecho storm taught South Jersey. Forecasters did not anticipate the historic June 2012 derecho until it was already underway.