Only those who experienced the full wrath of mother nature in this part of the country could ever be able to explain the extent of emotional and physical damage Idai wrought on the people of that area. CHIMANIMANI DISTRIBUTION POINTS FOR CYCLONE IDAI(27) WARD DISTRIBUTION POINT WARD DISTRIBUTION POINT 23 Mutsvangwa Primary School Ndima Primary School Demeni primary Biriri Pri Ndiyeme primary 17 Nyamusundu Pri Skyline/Pagomo 22 Vimba Primary School 18 Mhakwe Pri 22 Muchadziya Clinic Hlabiso Secondary School 7 Bumba GMB Quaggas Hook Ruwedza B Pri To make matters worse, soon after the Cyclone Idai disaster, COVID-19 regulations were … Cyclone Idai hit the country on 15 March 2019, leading to missing and displaced persons; loss of lives, property, livestock, crops, and livelihoods; and destruction of infrastructure and the environment. – A cyclone that ripped across Mozambique and Zimbabwe has killed at least 162 people with scores more missing. The trail of destruction that Cyclone Idai left in Chimanimani can never be explained even by the best of story tellers. A man stands next to the wreckage a vehicles washed away on March 18, 2019 in Chimanimani, eastern Zimbabwe, after the area was hit by the cyclone Idai. Introduction The Zimbabwe Human Rights Commission (ZHRC) carried out a human rights situation monitoring exercise in Chimanimani and Chipinge districts in Manicaland Province in the aftermath of Cyclone Idai. When Cyclone Idai hit parts of Chimanimani and Chipinge districts in Manicaland in 2018, it left a torn people in its wake. The tropical storm, named Cyclone Chalane, according to the Meteorological Services Department (MSD) is likely to follow the path of Cyclone Idai, which occurred in March last year and left a trail of destruction in eastern Zimbabwe. ZIMBABWE is reportedly set to experience another tropical cyclone that will result in massive flooding, especially in Manicaland province. ZHRC REPORT ON THE FIRST MONITORING VISIT TO CHIMANIMANI AND CHIPINGE IN THE AFTERMATH OF CYCLONE IDAI, 25-29 MARCH 2019 1. Rains, winds, and a storm surge thrashed coastal and central areas of Mozambique.Farther inland in eastern Zimbabwe, flooding and landslides have drastically altered the landscape. Tropical Cyclone Idai barreled into southern Africa on March 15, 2019, leaving a deadly path of destruction. “Just seeing dead people during Cyclone Idai had psychological effects. ines. In total, it is estimated that 270,000 people have been affected in nine districts, mainly in Chimanimani (115,000) and Chipinge (122,000) districts, Manicaland province. HIGHLIGHTS Few Indian Ocean cyclones get as far as Zimbabwe, but Chalane is on a course for Beira, so Zimbabwean officials are getting ready. The Chimanimani braces for another cyclone Idai like storm. Rusitu Valley in Chimanimani is one of the low-lying areas where Cyclone Idai left traumatic experiences in its communities. Since the publication of the ACAPS Zimbabwe Tropical Cyclone Idai Briefing Note on 19 March, severe flooding continues to affect eastern Zimbabwe. Cyclone Idai Health Sector Response Sitrep 1 SITUATION REPORT ON CYCLONE IDAI ISSUE 0013 Disaster Name Cyclone Idai Province affected Manicaland, Chimanimani, Chipinge Date & Time of report 09.04.2019 1700hrs Response start date 16.03.2019 Prepared by MOHCC 1.

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